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Kabiesz Patrycja (Silesian University of Technology), Bartnicka Joanna (Silesian University of Technology)
Ergonomic and Workflow Study of Sausage Production Process in The Context of Manual Transport Tas
Multidisciplinary Aspects of Production Engineering, 2018, vol. 1, s. 695-701, rys., tab., bibliogr. 11 poz.
Ergonomia, Proces produkcji, Przemysł mięsny, Procesy technologiczne
Ergonomics, Production process, Meat industry, Technological processes
streszcz., summ.
The aim of the article is to analyze the activities performed manually in a meat processing enterprise in the context of shaping ergonomic working conditions. Based on observational methods, including metric measurements of workstations and an in-depth interview with employees of the enterprise, the activities realized in the production process of the selected sausage product were recognized, with particular emphasis on manual work. On the basis of ergonomic analyzes carried out with the use of 3D SSPP software, groups of activities were identified that carry an increased risk of static load and the occurrence of ailments in the musculoskeletal system. The results of analyzes form the basis for the development of a workflow improvement process resulting from the improvement of manual work conditions. (original abstract)
Full text
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