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Krajka Marek (Poznan University of Technology, Poland), Cyplik Piotr (Poznan University of Technology, Poland), Adamczak Michał (Poznań School of Logistics)
The Impact of Blockchain Technology on Operational and Strategic Risks in the Supply Chain - a Systematic Literature Review
LogForum, 2022, vol. 18, nr 3, s. 365-367, rys., tab., wykr., bibliogr. 45 poz.
Łańcuch dostaw, Zarządzanie łańcuchem dostaw, Zarządzanie strategiczne, Technologia blockchain
Supply chain, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Strategic management, Blockchain technology
Purpose: Nowadays, the amount of data generated by companies is increasing dramatically every year. More and more processes are being digitised, forcing the use of ever newer techniques. With the growing amount of data, companies are facing the problem of ensuring easy access to data and its security. An increasingly popular solution is blockchain, whose implementation, however, entails a number of risks. Design/Methodology/Approach: The article focuses on the analysis of the literature on blockchain and its use in the supply chain, regarding the changes and benefits brought by the introduction of the use of blockchain technology. The scope of the literature includes articles found in the Web of Science database, from 2016-2021. Findings: Authors provides a brief introduction and description of blockchain technology both in general and in relation to the supply chain based on 45 articles. After a static part, the author describes the risks associated with the introduction of the technology and presents possible ways to solve them. Conclusions: Authors of articles increasingly recognize the importance of blockchain technology to mitigate the risks of doing business. As a result, more and more solutions based on this technology are appearing, also in the supply chain. Originality/Value: Strategic and operational risks associated with the implementation of blockchain are poorly described in the scientific literature. Through his analysis, the authors expand the supply chain literature with additional theoretical coverage. ()
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