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Toulis Ioannis (DEREE - The American College of Greece)
The Human Factor in Digital Marketing: Not All So Digital
Academic Review of Business and Economics (ARBE), 2022, vol. 3(2), s. 19-37, bibliogr. 53 poz.
Relacje z klientami, Marketing, Strategia marketingowa
Relationships with customers, Marketing, Marketing strategy
JEL Classification: M310.
This paper investigates how the use of social media has influenced the marketing sector globally. By highlighting the human factor-related risks and caveats inherent in digital marketing, this paper suggests the strategy that firms and multinational corporations can apply to mitigate them, and thus cautiously make use of the myriad of benefits 'hidden' behind the unexploited potential of digital marketing. This paper is a research project that draws from secondary data gathered in a manner enabling a critical examination and insight into issues and processes specific to digital marketing today. A nested analysis of selected case studies complements the discussion. Apart from its academic merit, this research will be of great value to practitioners as it will help them understand the potential risks and threats posed by the facilitation of social media at the corporate level. It will offer a presentation of the plethora of benefits that it entails, and consequently suggest a strategy that will help corporations get the most out of these versatile platforms.(original abstract)
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