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Misztal Anna (University of Lodz, Poland)
Sustainable Development of Manufacturing Enterprises in the Socio-Economic Context. The Case of Poland and Germany
Optimum : Economic Studies, 2022, nr 2 (108), s. 67-79, tab., wykr., bibliogr. s. 78-79
Rozwój zrównoważony, Rozwój społeczno-gospodarczy, Przedsiębiorstwo produkcyjne
Sustainable development, Social economic development, Production enterprise
JEL Classification: D22, E00, E20, Q01
Polska, Niemcy
Poland, Germany
Purpose - The article aims to assess the impact of contemporary external socio-economic determinants, including globalization, eco-innovation, social development, and macroeconomic stabilization, on the sustainable development of manufacturing enterprises in Poland and Germany from 2008 to 2020. Research method - This paper is empirical. The survey covers the manufacturing enterprises in Poland and Germany. The first part discusses the conceptual background related to the sustainable development of enterprises in a socio-economic context. The empirical part includes the methodology and results of the study. To determine the relationship between socio-economic factors and sustainable development, the author uses the Least Square Method (OLS) and Seemingly Unrelated Regression (SUR). Results - The research results show a statistically significant relationship between the variables. Socioeconomic indicators are vital determinants of the sustainable development of manufacturing enterprises. The models show that the impact of individual exogenous determinants is different in Poland and Germany. Originality/value/implications/recommendations - The statistical assessment of the socio-economic impact on enterprises' sustainable development is relatively poorly understood. The issue is new, contemporary and requires further analysis. The exogenous socio-economic factors are important for enterprises sustainable development. It is important to launch macroeconomic efforts to implement sustainable development goals. The results show a different impact of socio-economic indicators on the sustainable development of manufacturing enterprises, which may indicate that the enterprise development depends on many factors that are different in analysed countries. (original abstract)
The Library of University of Economics in Katowice
Full text
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