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Horzela-Miś Anna (Silesian University of Technology)
Bibliometric Analysis of the Current State of Research in the Field Of Energy Clusters at the International Level
Organization & Management : Scientific Quarterly, 2022, nr 2 (58), s. 25-37, bibliogr. 11 poz.
Badania naukowe, Analiza bibliometryczna, Klastry
Scientific research, Bibliometric analysis, Business cluster
Introduction: At each stage of the research development cycle for a specific discipline or sub discipline, taking into account the global nature of the knowledge dissemination process and the dynamics of change, researchers ask themselves questions about potential areas of research, the degree of intensity of research conducted so far, leading research centers and scientists in a given research field. Bibliometric is a tool that allows to answer the above questions. The bibliometric analysis allows us to discover the current state of a research field, identify the principal authors, articles, and topics, and propose future research lines to develop it further. Aim of the paper: The aims of the article is to present the results of bibliometric analysis of scientific research on issues of energy cluster, published between 1914 and 2022 in the Web of Science Core Collection and Scopus database. Materials and methods: The articles were analyzed quantitatively, and by word and author co-occurrence. The author also showed in the paper among other things: documents per years by sources, documents by country or territory, the most popular publishers, document types or years with the highest number of published papers on energy clusters. Keywords analysis of bibliometric data indexed in this two databases is the main research method applied to conduct the study. The method of systematic literature review is used to outline the theoretical background of the study. Results and conclusions: This study shows that interest in energy clusters has been growing steadily over the years in many scientific fields. Conducted bibliometric analysis has shown that the greatest interest, where energy clusters gain importance, are scientific articles (almost 80%), in which the Journal of Chemical Physics has a clear advantage. The analysis in the future should be expanded to include additional indicators. Therefore, the presented analysis is preliminary and should be the subject of further research.(original abstract)
The Library of Warsaw School of Economics
Full text
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