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Stępniewski Andrzej
Establishment and Development of the Agricultural Cluster "Polish Nature"
Warsaw Forum of Economic Sociology, 2021, vol. 12, nr 1(23), s. 57-72, bibliogr. 4 poz.
Klastry, Organizacje rolnicze, Rolnictwo, Rozwój rolnictwa
Business cluster, Agricultural organizations, Agriculture, Agriculture development
summ. JEL: R11, Z13
The article discusses the formation of an agricultural cluster in the environment of Polish orchardists. This was a rare initiative in Poland, completely bottom-up, not inspired by state or local government administrations, although after its establishment the cluster enjoyed and enjoys the support of the municipal authorities. The discussion on the necessary further development of agriculture towards the consolidation of local resources began among orchardists, local government officials, entrepreneurs and scientists in the second half of 2014. The venue for the discussion was the village of Lipie in the Municipality of Błędów. The initiator and organizer of the first meetings was the author of the article, who led to the formation of a team of people interested in the issues of the necessary reform in agriculture. The immediate inspiration for the Initiator Group was the deteriorating conditions of orchard farms and the concept of introducing an organizational culture based on a high capital of social trust. The text discusses the subsequent phases of the cluster's activities and the troubles it encountered in the later phase of its operations. Despite these troubles, the cluster exists and produces healthy fruits under the 'Amela' brand. The article concludes with a SWOT analysis of the municipality of Błędów.(original abstract)
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