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Köse Erkan (Nuh Naci Yazgan University, Kayseri, Turkey), Kokmazer Ahsen (Nuh Naci Yazgan University, Kayseri, Turkey), Vural Danisment (Atilim University, Ankara, Turkey), Gökceoglu Gökçe Gül (Nuh Naci Yazgan University, Kayseri, Turkey), Savli Pinar (Nuh Naci Yazgan University, Kayseri, Turkey)
Simultaneous Pickup and Delivery Model Suggestion for Personnel Transportation in COVID-19 Pandemic Conditions
Operations Research and Decisions, 2023, vol. 33, no. 4, s. 119-131, rys., wykr., tab., bibliogr. 33 poz.
COVID-19, Badania operacyjne, Rentowność przedsiębiorstwa, Finansowanie transportu, Koszty transportu
COVID-19, Operations research, Enterprise profitability, Transport financing, Transport costs
The impact of COVID-19 on the transportation costs of a large-scale company has been examined. Before the pandemic, shift personnel were transported to the factory by shuttles, and after a quick shift change, other shift personnel were transported back to their homes. However, with the implementation of laws mandating the reduction of shuttle seat capacities, transportation costs have risen significantly. To address this issue, a new simultaneous pickup and delivery model is proposed as an alternative to the separate transportation of shift workers. The results of this study indicate that the proposed model provides a substantial advantage in terms of both the number of vehicles used and the total distance traveled, leading to a significant reduction in costs. This research underscores the importance of effective operations research practices for the profitability of companies, particularly in extraordinary circumstances such as the COVID-19 pandemic. (original abstract)
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