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Sus Leszek
Szanse i zagrożenia rozwoju transportu w województwie nowosądeckim
Chances and Threds of Transport Development in Nowy Sacz Province
Zeszyty Naukowo-Techniczne Oddziału Stowarzyszenia Inżynierów i Techników Komunikacji w Krakowie. Materiały Konferencyjne (nr 11), 1996, z. 45, s. 205-211
Polityka transportowa, Transport publiczny, Transport drogowy, Transport kolejowy
Transport policy, Public transport, Road transport, Railway transport
streszcz., summ., Zsfg.
Województwo nowosądeckie
Autor scharakteryzował stan obecny sieci drogowej województwa nowosądeckiego a także koncepcje rozwoju transportu w tym rejonie oraz zagrożenia z nich wynikające.

The effective transport system is one of the elements quarantingproper development of the region. It refers particularly to Nowy Sacz province, where even because of mountainous region, the choice of system and transport meanss in one of the most difficult problem to solve. In the paper there is a presentation of the transport system development conception: 1) in the road field - road connections with highway A-4 and creating readible, not being in collision with natural environment protection system of terminals, 2) in the field of railway transport - building of new railway connection from Krakow to Tymbark, modernization of existing rail network, using it for the region transport service and creating of railway passing omitting the Tatra Euroregion. The realization of transport programme is the necessity of that region independently on wheather there will be hold any Olimpic Games or not.(original abstract)
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