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Puzio-Wacławik Bogusława (Kolegium Ekonomii, Finansów i Prawa)
Redukcja czasu pracy we Francji- historia oraz obecna reforma "35 godzin"
Reducing the Working Week in France: The History and the Current "35 Hours" Reform
Zeszyty Naukowe / Akademia Ekonomiczna w Krakowie, 2004, nr 632, s. 75-89
Czas pracy, Analiza czasu pracy, Elastyczność czasu pracy, Zarządzanie czasem pracy
Working time, Working time analysis, Flexitime, Working time management
W artykule omówiono problem reformy czasu pracy we Francji (reforma 35 godzin). Przedstawiono historię procesu skracania czasu pracy. Zaprezentowano zasady i podstawy prawne Ustawy Robiena , oraz I i II ustawy Aubry.

This article reviews the evolution of the number of hours in the French working week as well as the reforms which began in 1998, reducing the working week to 35 hours. The author presents historic changes in working hours in France against the background of changes in employment levels. Next, she shows the main macroeconomic changes affecting employment in France over two long historical periods. Here, the author presents the principles behind the implementation of the First and Second Aubry Acts, as well as the antecedent Robien Act, as the basis for the current reform as well as its results to date. In addition, the author stresses the special status of "personnel" as a socio-prof essional category as well as the manner in which problem of regulating the work-time of that group is solved. (original abstract)
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