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Łań Magdalena
Marketing polityczny dziedziną interdyscyplinarną
Political Marketing as an Interdisciplinary Study
Zeszyty Naukowe Wyższej Szkoły Zarządzania i Marketingu w Warszawie, 2000, z. 7, s. 119-123
Marketing polityczny, Marketing mass mediów, Psychologia komunikowania, Polityka, Władza, Kampania wyborcza, Demokracja, Interdyscyplinarność
Political marketing, Mass media marketing, Communicate psychology, Politics, Power, Election campaign, Democracy, Interdisciplinarity
Pojęcie marketingu politycznego jest w Polsce znane zaledwie od kilku lat. W artykule przedstawiono różnice pomiędzy marketingiem politycznym i medialnym oraz zagadnienie tworzenia trwałego wizerunku polityka lub partii.

Political marketing has been known in Poland for the last few years only. There is no official definition of the term and there is no clear way to explain its complexity. The notion is often used to describe activities designed to create a political image, usually of an individual. The author presents differences between political and media marketing, defining the latter as a spectacular, often used by Polish politicians, component of political marketing. The creation of lasting image for a politician or a party should have long-range effects. An election campaing, which is usually the reason for employing a sppecialist, is a short term affair and terminates quickly, whereas the nation's assessment of a politician is a lasting, daily process. The author pays attention to multitudinous ways of influencing the success of a politician who conducts his campaign according to the rules of political marketing. The author mentions communication psychology, sociology and its methods for measuring public opinion as well as rhetoric. Studying the necessary qualifications and working tools of, for example, a spokesman, P.R. Officer, lobbyist, and media planner is of vital importance. A politician, a party, an idea enters the market like other goods: it gets an attractive form, is subjected to the rule of demand and supply, creates an image-name, participates in severe competition and, with or without consenting to this, participates in long-lasting, broadly understood campaigns. (original abstract)
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