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Bober Jarosław
Stymulowanie rozwoju gospodarczego w samorządach powiatu myślenickiego
Stimulating Economic Development in Local Governments of the Myslenicki powiat
Zeszyty Naukowe / Akademia Ekonomiczna w Krakowie, 2004, nr 667, s. 89-107
Kluczowi pracownicy, Młodzież NEET, Gospodarka lokalna, Gmina, Powiat, Rozwój gospodarczy, Gospodarka samorządowa
Key employees, NEET youth (Neither in employment nor in education and training), Local economy, District, County, Economic development, Local government economy
Do ważnych zadań samorządu gminnego należy tworzenie warunków umożliwiających zaspokajanie potrzeb mieszkańców. W artykule omówiono działanie samorządu lokalnego nakierowane na stymulowanie rozwoju gospodarczego na przykładzie siedmiu gmin powiatu myślenickiego. Badania przeprowadzone w 2002 r. składały się z trzech elementów: badania ankietowego, wywiadów z osobami wskazywanymi za najważniejsze w sprawach rozwoju gospodarczego oraz analizy dokumentów zastanych w gminach.

Fostering conditions to rneet citizens' needs is an especially key task of local government. One the one hand, residents' needs may be interpreted narrowly and limited to the internal tasks that a gmina must perform; on the other hand, it is becoming increasingly common to take a broader view in which the local authority's responsibilities extend to all gmina issues and those of its residents as a whole. It seems that at present one of the most important aspects are local government measures geared towards Stimulating economic development, in other words, measures aimed at increasing the supply of jobs on the local market. Local authorities therefore often direct their attentions to economic activation, as this is the only means of creating jobs. Although the opportunities for action on the part of local governments at the gmina (or higher) level are based on the same principles (or largely on the same principles, with slight exceptions depending on the local government level), the actual approach of each local government unit to Stimulating economic growth and selecting and using the relevant instruments is highly varied. In this article, the author presents the diverse measures that local governments undertake to stimulate economic development based on the example of seven gminas in the Myslenicki powiat. The author conducted research in these local government units in 2002, which consisted of three elements: survey research, interviews with key personnel in economic development matters, and an analysis of existing documents at the local government offices. An analysis of local government measures in the field of Stimulating economic development is followed by a composite analysis of the opportunities for gmina--level local governments to stimulate economic development and a review of the available and applied instruments used in this regard. The examples of Myslenicki powiat local governments described in this article demonstrate that the methods used are quite uniform and do not vary significantly relative lo the size or character of the gmina. At the same time, ii is evident that larger urban gminas use certain instruments to a greater degree; this is clearly evident with regard to strategic planning. Small rural gminas as a rule limit their efforts to less complex measures or those requiring smaller use of the available instruments. (original abstract)
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