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Florczak-Bywalec Jadwiga
Rynek pracy w warunkach transformacji systemowej
Labour Market during Systemic Transformation
Acta Universitatis Lodziensis. Folia Oeconomica, 1998, t. 147, s. 129-140
Issue title
Rynek pracy i bezrobocie
Rynek pracy, Bezrobocie, Aktywność zawodowa kobiet, Praca nierejestrowana, Ubóstwo, Społeczne koszty transformacji gospodarczej
Labour market, Unemployment, Female economic activity, Black-leg labour, Poverty, Social costs of economic transition
Autorka przedstawiła cechy charakterystyczne dla rynków pracy w warunkach transformacji systemowej (Polska, Rosja, Węgry, Czechy i b NRD), zwracając szczególną uwagę na społeczne koszty transformacji tj bezrobocie, zwłaszcza jego feminizację, szarą strefę, oraz znaczny wzrost liczby ludzi żyjących w ubóstwie.

The report analyses changes occuring on the labour market in the countries undergoing transformations from centrally planned to a market economy. The most negative social phenomenon accompanying the transformation process in unemployment. Its certain characteristics are common for many countries. Similaraties can also be found in population groups particularly threatened by unemployment, or in shares of persons remaining without work for a long time. A stable characteristic of the labour market has become the escape into the informal sector. This phenomenon is most disturbing in Russia, as it largely concerns young people. A common charcteristic of all countries under study is feminization of problems connected with unemployment. This issue is analyzed on the example of Poland, Russia and the former GDR. The solving of unemployment problem must be individualized in particular countries due to its different causes and structure, as well as differences in funds which can be allocated for this purpose. (original abstract)
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