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Mojsiewicz Czesław
Polska - Unia Europejska - różnice do przezwyciężenia
Poland - EU - Differences to Overcome
Zeszyty Naukowe Wyższej Szkoły Zarządzania i Marketingu w Warszawie, 2001, z. 9, s. 42-47
Integracja gospodarcza, Kryteria integracji z UE
Economic integration, EU enlargement criteria
Wspólnota Europejska
European Community
Omówiono zadania, które czekają Polskę, by zyskała ona miano kraju przygotowanego do członkostwa w UE. Omówiono pozycję Polski w zestawieniu z innymi państwami oraz atuty, które może ona wnieść do UE. Przedstawiono ograniczenia i bariery w dostosowaniu do wymogów Unii Europejskiej.

Preparations of Poland the EU membership and activities undertaken since 1992 to achieve this goal have disclosed numerous differences in many areas between European standards to be implemented and Polish economical, political, cultural and social relities as well as the state of the self-consciousness of Poles. Since the very beginning of our road to the EU these differences have provoked many discussions, quarrels, doubts and even a question of the necessity to subordinate national way of acting to the external standards. Decisions about Polish membership in the EU have already been taken. Both sides are almost fully prepared to enter the final stage of integration. The article shows these differences and divergences. However, the author claims that with some good will on both sides the difficulties might be overcome on the basis of a reasonable compromise. Polish membership in the EU will result in a lot of solutions in certain areas, which in some cases could be burdensome for the country and its citizien. It concerns among others capital investment from the EU countries, real estate market, freedom of labour force movement, EU citizenship and relations with non-EU member countries. All these difficult areas are described in details by the author. The conclusions is clear - Poland is able to level out these difficulties and become an equal-to-others member of the EU. It will not be pressed to constant catching up with running away Europe. (original abstract)
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