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Czyżowicz Wiesław
Samorządy gospodarcze w Polsce (założenia - podstawy prawne - realia)
Economic Self-government in Poland. (Assumptions - Legal Basic - Reality)
Zeszyty Naukowe Wyższej Szkoły Zarządzania i Marketingu w Warszawie, 2001, z. 9, s. 48-59
Organizacje pozarządowe, Samorząd gospodarczy, Izby gospodarcze
Non-governmental organisation, Economic self-government, Chambers of commerce
W artykule omówiono zagadnienia dotyczące samorządów gospodarczych w Polsce. Przedstawiono historię powstania, założenia, podstawy prawne oraz obecną sytuację samorządów gospodarczych.

Economic self-government is an important institution, at least doctrinally, of a civic community and a state of law. Thus, no wonder that it has always been reflected in communities which political and social life is governed by rules of democracy, based on market economy and civic freedoms. Also in Poland, since the country's revival after a century of subordination, economic self-government has been included into a constitutional institution of a democratic state. Unfortunately, it has not been finally shaped nor used, as the founders of constitutional order in inter-war Poland aspired. Simultaneously to the development of a socialist economy with state control of social life, and disappearing of market economy, economic self-government even in its rudimentary form, disappeared. At the break of eighties and nineties at least a partial revival of economic self-government started. Unfortunately, till today it has not been fully united, thus still is not a significant partner neither for state not local authorities. Economic self-governmentnt is an important phenomenon in a modern community and in a state of law, what can be observed in the European Union. Thus, preparing to join the UE, Poland should concentrate on development and consolidation of its economic self-government. (original abstract)
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