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Litwiniuk Marzena
Wykorzystanie materiałów autentycznych w nauczaniu języków obcych
The Use of Authentic Materials in Foreign Language Teaching
Zeszyty Naukowe Wyższej Szkoły Zarządzania i Marketingu w Warszawie, 2001, z. 9, s. 137-141
Dydaktyka, Nauczanie języków obcych
Teaching, Foreign language teaching
Artykuł przedstawia argumenty za i przeciw wykorzystywaniu w dydaktyce języków obcych materiałów autentycznych (programy i audycje obcojęzyczne, czasopisma, internet itp.). Autorka stara się odpowiedzieć na pytania: gdzie szukać materiałów autentycznych, jak dokonać ich wyboru oraz jak je opracować.

The problem of using authentic materials in a modern classroom has been given a lot of attention recently. Some teachers seen reluctant to use them and present their arguments against such as difficult access, time consuming preparation and students' doubts and objections. However, using authentic materials seems to be inevitable in the nearest future becouse the adventages seem to outweigh the disadvantages. On the positive side, using authentic materials helps to increase students' motivation, gives them more confidence, provides a variety and a change from a boring routine provided by traditional textbooks. It helps them to improve their pronunciation, build vocabulary and shows them how much there remains to be learnt. All these benefits can only be achieved if the teacher puts a lot of time and effort into choosing and adapting authentic materials. This seems to be a challenging task for the teacher. He has to look for them and once he's found them, select the appropriate material and tailor it to the needs of his learners (prepare appropriate tasks suitable for the needs of his students). The teacher's role is to motivate and encourage his students to use authentic materials to the best of their advantage. The last part of the article gives some practical hints and suggestions for using authentic materials in the classroom. (original abstract)
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