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Michałowska-Gorywoda Krystyna
Istota prawna decyzji w Unii Europejskiej
The Legal Importance of Decisions in the European Union
Zeszyty Naukowe / Szkoła Główna Handlowa. Kolegium Gospodarki Światowej, 2001, nr 10, s. 115-132
Instytucje WE, Prawo WE
European Communities Institutions, European Community law
Unia Europejska (UE)
European Union (EU)
Wyjaśniono pojęcie "decyzja". Przedstawiono analizę prawną decyzji z podziałem na decyzje wiążące (rozprządzenie, dyrektywa, decyzja) i decyzje niewiążące.

Analysing the substance of legal acts established on the forum of international organisations and labelled with various or the same terms proves, however, that there exist important differences between the legal character of that, which is described by the term "decision". The above comments apply both to the literature relating to international law and to the constitutions and practies of international organisations. Divergences occur when individual authors formulate general definitions for legal acts establihed by the organs of international organisations. The terms most often used in a general sence are "decision" and "resolution". Some authors sometimes contrast "resolutions" with recommendations. To describe in general sense the decisions of international organisations sometimes the Polonised version, rather than the proper translation, of the word "resolution" is used. Similar inconsistencies also occur in the constitutions of international organisations. The terms most often encountered in a general sense are "decision" or "resolution"., with no attempt at classification. In her article autor attempts order and systematise the above definitions. (short original abstact)
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