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Misiołek Krzysztof (Kolegium Ekonomii, Finansów i Prawa)
Kultura organizacyjna przedsiębiorstwa a rozwój przedsiębiorczości
Organizational Culture of Enterprise Vs Development of Entrepreneurship
Zeszyty Naukowe / Akademia Ekonomiczna w Krakowie, 1994, nr 444, s. 57-67, bibliogr. 10 poz.
Przedsiębiorczość, Kultura organizacji, Klimat organizacyjny, Zachowania organizacyjne, System wartości
Entrepreneurship, Corporate culture, Organizational climate, Organisational behaviour, Value system
Omówiono miejsce i rolę kultury organizacyjnej przedsiębiorstwa w rozwoju przedsiębiorczości.

In the paper the concept of organizational culture in the enterprise was discussed as well as its features which according to the author embraced: value system (the ideology of organization an sharing the same values), organizational climate (common perception of an organizational situation), system of beliefs (a group of people respecting effective course of action). Identification and selection of the preferred organizational culture may constitute one of the major instruments enabling the development of entrepreneurship. The following types of organizational culture were identified: stable, reactive, anticipating, exploring, creative. The last three were considered to be most desirable. The author also included a list of questions which allow a more detailed analysis. In the process of answering these questions it is possible to determine how intensive the presence of a given feature is and tables are built which may be helpful in the course of the conscious remodeling of the existing culture or when it is transformed into a different one - the culture that is 1 better suited to the current or future needs of the enterprise. (original abstract)
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