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Tanalski Dionizy
Grypa dotarła do Naprawy, czyli o epoce postchrześcijańskiej
Flu Reached Naprawa or On the Post-Christian Age
Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie-Skłodowska. Sectio I. Philosophia-Sociologia, 1996/1997, vol. 21/22, s. 271-278
Sekularyzacja, Filozofia, Filozofia kultury, Religie chrześcijańskie, Kultura
Secularization, Philosophy, Philosophy of culture, Christian religions, Culture
W artykule przedstawiono rozważania dotyczące problemu chrześcijaństwa i przyszłości cywilizacji i kultury.

The history of Christianity and Catholicism is at the same time the history of secularization of social culture and individual human life. Once a religion of more or less isolated followers Christianity has come a long way, throught the age of ideological and politycal (even economic) domination in the Roman Empire and in the Middle Ages to the universal religion of the world, which imbued almost all human culture with the marks of its presence. At the same time, however, entangled with all aspects of human life and combining more and more its religious sacrum and the worldly profanum, Christianity provokes the questions about the sacrum's further existence. In response there are theories of the death of God or the post-Christian age as a future alternative of the existing form of Christianity, and Catholicism in particular. This study is concerned with the question whether these theories are sensible. (original abstract)
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