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Łukawer Edward
Poglądy polskich ekonomistów na ogólne założenia transformacji systemowej
Basic Principles of the Systemic Transformation in Views of Polish Economists
Ekonomista, 1994, nr 6, s. 733-761
Słowa kluczowe
Przekształcenia ustrojowo-systemowe, Teoria transformacji gospodarki, Sytuacja gospodarcza
Political and systemic transformations, Transformation theory, Economic situation
The first program which was concerned not only with the reform of the mechanism of operation of the economy but also with its transition to the new system, was the program of L. Balcerowicz, put in force on January 1, 1990. It was enthusiastically welcomed by the major part of the society but, with the passage of time, it became subject to criticism by many economists. They started to doubt about application of a shock therapy for reform implementation, while opposing a need of evolutionary actions and their sequence in time. They emphasized that a centrally planned economy cannot be painlessly transformed into a market economy, but at the same time, they found that the costs of that transformation proved excessive. Alternative concepts of development were formulated: the optimistic one, seeing the main factor of development in the growth of demand, the liberal - giving prominence, in the first place, to the restrictive counterinflationary policy, and the pragmatic one, putting forward the necessity of improving the financial position of enterprises, and persuading them to modernization of their productive potential. The debate was accompanied by controversy whether the decisive factor of development should be seen on the side of demand or on that of supply. Its last accord - for the time being - has been the approval of the program "Strategy for Poland" by the Paliament. (original abstract)
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