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Rogoziński Kazimierz
Kategoria pracy i terminy pochodne w perspektywie serwicyzacji i dematerializacji gospodarki
The Category of Labour and Derivative Terminology in the Perspective of Servicization and Dematerialization of the Economy
Zeszyty Naukowe / Akademia Ekonomiczna w Poznaniu, 2006, nr 72, s. 11-26, bibliogr. 5 poz.
Słowa kluczowe
Praca, Globalizacja usług, Teoria ekonomii
Labour, Globalization of services, Economic theory
W artykule dokonano przeglądu wypracowanych przez ekonomię neoklasyczna typów pracy. Przedstawiono charakterystykę procesów serwicyzacji i dematerializacji gospodarki.

In the article the term "perspective", an obvious reference to the title of the book, signals such orientation of the line of argument which assumes the constant plane of reference and confrontation. This plane is obviously the economy of the post-industrial age which used to be described by means of such terms as: servicization or dematerialization. They constitute a minimum set of characteristics which , however, due to limited space, are not characterized in detail here. The aim of this article refers to several, silently approved assumptions: (1) regardless of how we understand the post-industrial age, its most important features (attributes) are derived from the sector of services; (2) the shift of sectoral significance resulting from this perplexed scientists and theoreticians who try to find the way out of this perplexity using "short-cut thinking"; (3) a theoretical-cognitive challenge facing the economists requires transdisciplinary openness understood, this time, as acceptance of support other than that offered by IT. These assumptions make it possible to formulate the main thesis in the following way: both servicization and dematerialization call for rethinking of the processes taking place in the contemporary economy and explanation of the key concepts which are used in order to describe those phenomena. The category of "labour" is undoubtedly the most significant among them. (original abstract)
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