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Graja Sylwia (Akademia Rolnicza w Poznaniu), Spychała Aleksandra (Akademia Rolnicza w Poznaniu)
Tworzenie regionalnych produktów turystycznych w oparciu o walory obszarów wiejskich
Creating Regional Tourist Products Based on Resources of Rural Areas
Zeszyty Naukowe Akademii Rolniczej im. H. Kołłątaja w Krakowie, 2003, nr 90, s. 227-239, bibliogr. 6 poz.
Słowa kluczowe
Turystyka, Turystyka wiejska, Produkty regionalne
Tourism, Rural tourism, Regional product
Ukazano, iż właściwie każde miejsce może przyciągnąć turystę, bo każde ma na celu coś szczególnego do zaoferowania, oczywiście po odpowiednim zagospodarowaniu, czyli po przekształceniu w produkt. Przedstawione w referacie oferty są pokłosiem konkursu na „Najlepszy Regionalny Produkt Agroturystyczny”, którego finał miał miejsce w Poznaniu na targach POLAGRA FARN 2002.

Today, a traditional model of tourist offer composed only of accommodation and board is not attractive for tourists. For this reason Polish rural areas with their wealth of natural and cultural heritage are excellent places to develop tourist offers abounding with a variety of attractions. This paper shows that any place can fascinate tourists because every place has something specific, peculiar and attractive, especially after suitable earlier preparation and arrangement, after transformation of the place into a tourist product. Every offer presented here is an effect of the competition entitled The Best Regional Agri-tourist Product whose finals were held in Poznań during POLAGRA FARM Fair (2002). The Polish Canoeing Bug River promotes cultural and natural values of the Pobuże area, popularises active leisure and at the same time helps rural communities gain an extra income. Małopolska Fruit Trail is a perfect example of how traditional agricultural economy can play a very big role in regional promotion. The offer, connected with pomiculture, attracts increasing numbers of tourists who want to eat fruit straight from the tree or bush, taste cakes baked with their own hands, and jams they prepared themselves. Entitled Country Famous for Milk, Honey and Horses, the next project is based on agriculture and nature. It shows that traditional Polish country has a potential which - if used and managed well - could become exceptionally attractive and encourage arrivals of various types of tourists. Excellent example of products based on local and cultural resources are The Friendly Bobrka and The School of Sensibility focusing on the knowledge of ancient crafts and perishing professions. These examples prove that not only economy influences the necessary development of tourist functions in rural areas. Specialisation in rural tourism helps creating an excellent tourist product; this in turn encourages tourists to visit native trails, which is a less-known fact. (original abstract)
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