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Greenwood Davydd J. (Cornell University)
Action Research
Master of Business Administration, 2010, vol. 18, nr 5, s. 2-12
Słowa kluczowe
Badania socjologiczne, Socjologia, Metodologia badań, Partycypacja społeczna, Dialog społeczny
Sociological research, Sociology, Research methodology, Social participation, Social dialogue
This paper defines action research as social research in which the professional social researcher joins or assists in forming a learning community that collaborates in setting a research agenda, formulating the issues and hypotheses, collecting and analyzing the data, and enacting the results, and where the aim is to create a more liberating or sustainable or effective situation for the community or institution under study. Action and research occur together and action research holds that good social research is not possible unless it is participatory. Action research contributes to democratizing social transformations through the collaborative generation of valid social scientific knowledge and thus challenges power relationships. It demands that academic researchers abandon their notions of social and intellectual hegemony over other people. The article then briefly reviews the many deeply different varieties of Action Research practice and the epistemological and social scientific assumptions that underpin action research. Action research persists because of the failures of the conventional social sciences to accomplish social change of use to the majority of human beings and because of the persistence and worsening of inequality, racism, fanaticism, and environmental degradation. (original abstract)
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