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Kijek Ilona (Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Poznaniu)
Deficyt budżetowy a deficyt na rachunki obrotów bieżących bilansu płatniczego w wybranych państwach Europy Środkowej
Budget Deficit Vs. Current urnover Account Deficit in the Balance of Payments in the Choses Central European Countries.
Zeszyty Naukowe / Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Poznaniu, 2010, nr 137, s. 37-49, tab., bibliogr. 28 poz.
Słowa kluczowe
Deficyt budżetowy, Bilans płatniczy, Obrót bieżący
Budget deficit, Balance of payments, Current account balance
Artykuł zawiera próbę odpowiedzi na pytanie: czy deficyt budżetowy powodował powstanie luki na rachunkach obrotów bieżących bilansu płatniczego? W tym celu autorka skonstruowała model ekonometryczny opisujący zależności między deficytami w państwach Europy Środkowej : Czechy, Polska, Słowacja, Węgry. (fragment tekstu)

Deficits in a current turnover account in the balance of payments occurring simultaneously along with budget deficits are the common phenomenon in contemporary economies. In spite of the fact that much research on the phenomenon has been conducted, the following question needs to be answered: is a budget deficit responsible for a gap in the current turnover account in the balance of payments? In the article there has been made an attempt at answering the question with reference to four countries in Central Europe: the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. In order to achieve this, an econometric model has been constructed, the estimation of which has confirmed that in the Czech Republic and in Poland current turnover account in the balance of payments depends on how high a budget deficit is. In the case of Hungary, the factor mostly influencing the balance amount in a current turnover account in the balance of payments is that country's GDP. As far as Slovakia is concerned, variable statistically significant has not been found, which makes it impossible to draw a conclusion. (original abstract)
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