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Wrzesiński Michał (Warsaw School of Economics, Poland)
Public Policy Impact on Venture Capital Market : EU and Polish Experience
Studia i Prace Kolegium Zarządzania i Finansów / Szkoła Główna Handlowa, 2003, z. 33, s. 113-120
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Venture capital, Rynek kapitałowy, Private equity, Polityka rządu
Venture capital, Capital market, Private equity, Government policy
The purpose of this article is to present a short review of European Union public policy towards venture capital, as well as to briefly describe the risk capital industry market in Poland and propose the steps that shall be taken by Polish public policy makers in order to facilitate the development of that industry in Poland. Risk capital markets are defined as markets providing equity financing to a company during its early growth stages (start up and development), however currently market is developing more into the direction of later stages (expansion financing, buy-outs, restructuring). Risk capital (often defined as venture capital or private equity) is typically provided by specialised financial institutions - venture capital/private equity funds (VCF) or risk oriented individuals - business angels. The VCF, acting as fund managers, operate on the market as intermediaries for institutional investors, mostly pension funds, insurance companies, banks and corporations. (fragment of text)
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