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Palatková Monika (University of Business in Prague, Czech Republic)
The 7-S-McKinsey Model : an Implementation Tool of a Destination Marketing Strategy in the Czech Republic
Global Management Journal, 2011, vol. 3, nr 1/2, s. 44-54, rys., tab., bibliogr. 22 poz.
Słowa kluczowe
Model 7-S McKinseya, Strategia marketingowa, Turystyka, Kryzys finansowy, Turystyczne atrakcje
McKinsey 7S Model, Marketing strategy, Tourism, Financial crisis, Tourist attraction
Czech Republic
The level of incoming tourism in the Czech Republic has deteriorated since 2008 not only due to financial and economic crises, but also as a result of an insufficient implementation of the concept of destination marketing management and of a marketing strategy. This paper doesn't actually deal with the strategy itself, but with the factors of its implementation. The 7-S-McKinsey model is applied to the Czech Republic as an incoming tourist destination with the aim of analysing the role of soft and hard factors in a marketing strategy implementation. The goals of the 2004-2010 marketing strategy and its fulfilment are reviewed in brief, using the results of a qualitative research among Europeans, focusing on the perception and positioning of the Czech Republic. The basic points of this new marketing strategy are presented using the Ansoff matrix and the Tourist Area Life cycle models. The interconnection between the repositioning, rebranding and the soft factors of the 7-S model is underlined. The marketing strategy needs to be supported by a destination marketing management system and its structure, which should be set up more or less in the planned legislation act on tourism support. What can't be arranged by any law or other hard tools are the style, shared values, staff and skills. The situation in the Czech Republic shows an undervaluation of the soft factors. Proposals concerning a better interconnection and support of the soft factors are suggested, focusing primarily on the national level. (original abstract)
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