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Kowalik Tadeusz
Socjalizm rynkowy - system czy polityka? : na marginesie książki Włodzimierza Brusa i Kazimierza Łaskiego
Socialism: A Distinct System or Policy? On the Book by Włodzimierz Brus and Kazimierz Łaski
Ekonomista, 1993, nr 4, s. 459-476
Słowa kluczowe
Społeczna gospodarka rynkowa (SGR), Ustrój socjalistyczny
Social market economy, Socialist system
The article is composed of two parts. In part one the contents of the book Od Marksa do rynku From Marx to Market) by W. Brus and K. Łaski, is related. Stress is put on the theoretical aspect rather than on the critical part of the analysis of historical experience of the countries of real socialism. While passing summarily the problems of the Marxian vision of socialism as a just and a more effective system, and the mentioned critical analysis of East-European experience, the author concentrates his attention on the most original, third part of the book, which is decisive of it's importance. It deals with problems of the post-communist countries. The principal thesis of the authors can be reduced to the statement of an indeterminate nature of socialism as a distinct economic system and of its openness to a pragmatic search of the best Institutional and organizational solutions. From this results a need for the evolutionary approach to the problem of formation of a new system. Abandoning the vision of socialism as a distinct system does not imply, in the authors' opinion, a necessary renouncement of the values considered as socialist. This is, in fact, a question of an adequate socio-economic policy rather than of the |organizational concept of the system. Part two contains a comparative analysis of the Brus-Łaski approach and that of J. Kornai. The article is concluded with asn outline of the evolution "from revisionism to pragmatism" in the views of the two authors (and of W. Brus, in particular). (original abstract)
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