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Lichtarski Jan (Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny we Wrocławiu), Zając Czesław (Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny we Wrocławiu)
Opinions of entrepreneurs and managers on management improvement in enterprises of different size classes
Organization and Management, 2010, nr 1, s. 46-57, tabl., wykr.
Organizacja i Kierowanie
Słowa kluczowe
Zarządzanie przedsiębiorstwem, Zarządzanie jakością
Enterprise management, Quality management
The conducted research provided quite complex and diversified image of the scale and directions of the previous, postulated activities aiming at the improvement of management systems in enterprises operating on the Polish market. The study result is also the picture of predispositions, some features of the progress and also the consequences of these activities seen with the eyes of entrepreneurs and managers. All generalizations, for many reasons such as e.g. necessary simplifications and unavoidable imperfections of the research process, limitations of its representativeness, etc., are difficult and risky. however, it seems that there is a possibility of formulating a few highly reasonably anticipated conclusions which are not always consistent with colloquial opinions on the studied area of activity. And so, for example, it occurs that entrepreneurs and managers tend to notice an opportunity of support in solving various problems vital for the companies' existence and development in organizational activities. They mostly seem to have a quite balanced and rational opinion regarding predispositions and possible results of these activities. respondents are aware of the risk of partial failures in the process of changes in management systems, but scepticism, or the fear of making changes because of the threat of limited efficiency of implementations, is not expressed explicitly in their attitudes. The aforesaid opinions and attitudes imply that the will of their further introduction prevails quite explicitly. Though, the most important conclusion seems to be that both on the side of prerequisites, object and also the progress and consequences of change processes in management systems it is difficult to notice vital, systematic differences between enterprises of different size classes. in view of these results the sMe sector does not have a profound individuality, the one that would justify the search for separate theories, methods and tools of management for this class of enterprises. The conclusion might be different or less emphatic if microenterprises (1-9 employees) were differentiated. These were our intentions, but due to the mistakes of a large part of the respondents in the identification of the company size, they were abandoned. (fragment of text)
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