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Kuhl Karol (University of Warsaw, Poland)
Income Mobility, Unemployment and GDP
Emergo. Journal of Transforming Economies and Societies, 2003, vol. 10, no. 3, s. 32-43, tab., bibliogr. 17 poz.
Słowa kluczowe
Dochody ludności, Mobilność dochodowa, Bezrobocie, Produkt krajowy brutto (PKB)
People's income, Income mobility, Unemployment, Gross domestic product (GDP)
The aim of this paper is to explore macro-economic factors of income mobility. Wodon (2001) shows that the correlation between earnings mobility and economic growth depends on the type of labour market adjustments: in quantity-adjusting economies like Argentina, mobility is negatively correlated with economic growth, whereas in price-adjusting economies like Mexico, this correlation is positive. Two issues are of interest here:
• Would the results change if incomes instead of earnings were used?
• Is there a "universal" relationship between economic growth and income mobility once unemployment is taken into account?
The first question is answered in a discussion, and the second question is answered by means of data analysis. International income mobility data are used in an attempt to test a simple theoretical model and not for the purpose of comparison of mobility patterns across countries. The remaining sections of the paper are organized as follows. A model linking relative income mobility and macroeconomic output is presented in section II. Section III contains a description of the data, briefly describes five measures of mobility, and presents the econometric setting of analysis along with estimation results. Section IV provides some conclusions. (fragment of text)
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