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Bogataj Ludwik (University of Lubljana, Slovenia), Bogataj Marija (University of Lubljana, Slovenia)
The evaluation of virtual activities in a supply chain
Scientific Publications / University of Economics in Katowice. Changing paradigm for inventory management in a supply chain context, 2011, s. 127-135, bibliogr. 24 poz.
Słowa kluczowe
Łańcuch dostaw, Organizacja, Ewaluacja
Supply chain, Organisation, Evaluation
In this paper we are using Orlicky's approach to MRP theory, which was well developed on the bases of Leontiefs Input-Output Analysis15 and Laplace transforms16 for production planning purposes by Grubbstrӧm in the last 20 years. Having in mind that the production is not any longer just under one roof, the costs of transportation and the costs of transportation delays which influence NPV have to be included in our considerations. Therefore, location characteristics of activity cells and distances between pairs of them should be considered in the model. The problem of distance between activity cells in MRP models has been partially discussed in some papers of M. Bogataj17, but never in the general form of supply chain. The virtual enterprises which could appear in some activity cells of supply networks influence the reduction of transportation costs and transportation lead time and could increase NPV. The question appears how they influence NPV and how to measure it.(fragment tekstu)
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