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Łukaszewicz Aleksander
Kapitalizm japoński w poglądach Shigeto Tsuru
Shigeto Tsuru on Japan's Capitalism
Ekonomista, 1994, nr 4, s. 523-535, summ., rez., przypisy
Słowa kluczowe
Recenzja, Kapitalizm
Review, Capitalism
This is a review article of the book by Shigeto Tsuru, Japan's Capitalism: Creative Defeat and Beyond (Cambridge 1993). The autor presents a synthetical picture of the main theses of the book, emphasizing mainly its theoretical aspects - implementation of the modern economic growth and development theories - as well as the historiosophical and institutional ones. With regard to the latter it is stressed that Shigeto Tsuru has joined the discussions already spread at present, of two major problems concerning the direction in which the transformation of the contemporary developed capitalist system is going, and - what follows - the direction of transformation of the global world economy and human society. Both represent a tendency toward a mixed economy, which for Shigeto Tsuru is tantamount to the new mode of production. The autor confronts also the views of Shigeto Tsuru with several studies analysing the case of Japan. (original abstract)
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