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Hockuba Zbigniew
Liberalizm gospodarczy szkoły krakowskiej
Economic Liberalism of the Cracow School
Ekonomista, 1994, nr 6, s. 805-821, summ., rez., przypisy
Słowa kluczowe
Krakowska szkoła ekonomii, Historia myśli ekonomicznej, Liberalizm gospodarczy
Cracow school of economics, History of economic thought, Laissez faire
The subject of the article are the most important topics of scientific discussions of the Cracow School, and in the first place, the ideas and theories revealing its liberal character. The analysis of the economic liberalism of J. Dunajewski, W. Czerkawski, A. Krzyżanowski, A. Heydel and F. Zweig, who gave rise to the Cracow School, is composed of three parts. Part one presents the philosophical foundations on which the structure of liberal theories and policies were based. Following the path of F. Zweig and A. Krzyżanowski, the importance of freedom for the economic process and its connections with law, morality and property are discussed. Part two is dealing with the analysis of the market process - the spontaneous interactions of individual economic activities led by the motive of maximization of economic gains, and co-ordinated by the mechanism of prices and competition. In part three, functions of the State are discussed, which -in line with the approach of representatives of the Cracow School -should strengthen and complete the mechanisms of the spontaneous market process. This means to stay on the watch of observance of law, supply the public goods, intervene in situations of market failures, or eventually to realize the social reforms justified, along as the R. Nozick's principle, by earlier violations of principles of liberal justice. (original abstract)
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