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Buchelt Beata (Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Krakowie / Kolegium Nauk o Zarządzaniu i Jakości)
Performance management as modern approach to employees' appraisal in healthcare entities
Edukacja Ekonomistów i Menedżerów : problemy, innowacje, projekty, 2011, nr 4 (22), s. 75-92, rys., tabl., wykr., bibliogr. poz. 29
Education of Economists and Managers : problems, innovations, projects
Słowa kluczowe
Zarządzanie wynikami, Służba zdrowia, Ocena pracowników, Zarządzanie zasobami ludzkimi
Performance management, Health service, Employee appraisal, Human Resources Management (HRM)
The past twenty years are the time of fundamental changes in Polish economy. It transformed from centrally planned economy to free market one. This concerns almost all sectors also the healthcare one, where the changes have become more dynamic within the last decade. The main aims of the sector reform were to commercialize public entities and to increase the role of private healthcare providers. Presently, both of the objectives are almost fulfilled and because of that competition has increased. This requires implementation of modern methods of management, which are in fact concentrated on intangible resources, such as human resources rather than tangible ones. Considering the challenges that are faced by healthcare providers the paper is dedicated to performance management regarded as the strategic and inseparable element of the human resources management system. The aim of the paper is to diagnose the condition of the PM in the healthcare providers and when applicable propose a set of improvements. (original abstract)
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