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Zielinska Anetta (Wrocław University of Economics, Poland)
Analysis of Sustainable Management Forms on Protected Areas
Economics & Sociology, 2014, vol. 7, nr 1, s. 183-192, tab., bibliogr. 18 poz.
Słowa kluczowe
Obszary chronione, Rozwój zrównoważony, Leśnictwo, Rolnictwo
Protected area, Sustainable development, Forestry, Agriculture
Protected areas have a huge socio-economic significance. Therefore, they should subject to protection within an essential range in order to sustain natural capital function-restitution and should be used in a rational way. Restrictions on the ways of managing protected areas mainly concern ventures of higher intensification of management and new investments, which have to be assessed from environmental point of view. The aim of this article is to diagnose possible modes to accomplish forms of management for protected areas, which are in accordance with legal laws. Statistical analysis will be conducted for each business activity, and the possibility to accomplish it on protected areas. (original abstract)
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