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Glikman Paweł
Rezerwy kapitału trwałego a rentowność produkcji
Reserves of Fixed Capital and the Profitalibity of Production
Ekonomista, 1999, nr 4, s. 401-418, bibliogr, s. 417
Słowa kluczowe
Rentowność produkcji, Majątek trwały
Profitability of production, Tangible property
The degree of utilization of the productive capacity in Poland is far lower than that in other OECD countries. The question asked in this article is related to the problem of how that existing capacity should be used. The answers may differ since they depend on the policy of reproduction. Two variants of that policy are presented in the article. The author is in favour of accelerated renovation of the productive apparatus and in this way raising the profitability of production. The disparity between Poland and the OECD countries in this regard is best proved by the fact that the renovation indices expressed by the rates of liquidation of fixed assets (the ratios of the part of capacity removed in the given year to its total value at the beginning of that year) are three to four times higher in those countries than in Poland. (original abstract)
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