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Ponický Peter (Business School Ostrava), Zamarský Vítězslav (Business School Ostrava)
Innovation : populist slogan, why?
Edukacja Ekonomistów i Menedżerów : problemy, innowacje, projekty, 2014, nr 3 (33), s. 25-34, rys. bibliogr. poz. 2
Education of Economists and Managers : problems, innovations, projects
Słowa kluczowe
Innowacje, Edukacja, Hierarchiczna struktura organizacyjna, Model kompetencji, Szkolenia, System wartości, Systemy motywacyjne
Innovations, Education, Hierarchical organizational structure, Competence model, Training, Value system, Motivating systems
Nowadays, innovation is perhaps the most widely spoken global keyword in the field of economy. Everyone talks about innovation and the European Union already for more than a decade, has wanted through innovation to catch up with and take the leading position in the world. However, what is the reality? Europe still has difficulties with the pace of eco- nomic growth, which according to many is joined combined with innovation and knowl- edge. Asian countries often set a price of an innovated product of poor quality and with no added value that includes huge cost of efficient marketing and aggressive advertising. Therefore, is innovation everything what is called this way? Though the world controls the speed and acceleration of changes, it does not mean necessarily an advantage or positive effects. And evolution of a star in a supernova and then a black hole is in the final stages accelerated in an unusual way. The inspiration for our article was slanted to cheap using the word "innovation", just because it is a European priority. We just drew from his knowledge and life experiences. (original abstract)
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  1. Halada, S., (2013), Malé a střední podniky, podnikání a inovace, "Inovační podnikání a transfer technologii", 3 (3 ÷ 6), ISSN 12104612, Czech Republic.
  2. Ponický, P., (2012), Less is often more - the collapse of the education system after a quarter-century of transformations, In. Slovak education in times of crisis and systemic changes, Bratislava, Slovakia.
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