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Schmidt Katarzyna (University of Wrocław, Poland)
Academic Conference Is This The End Of The Theory Of Law? September 21-24, 2011.
Wroclaw Review of Law, Administration & Economics, 2011, vol. 1, nr 2, s. 130-131
Słowa kluczowe
Teoria prawa, Filozofia prawa
Law theory, Law philosophy
On September 21-24, 2011, the Chair of Theory and Philosophy of Law in the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economy of the University of Wroclaw held an academic conference in the town of Karpacz entitled "Is this the end of the theory of law?". The main goal in selecting such a subject for the conference was to initiate a discussion focused on the analysis of the condition of the legal theory research programme. The question about the end of theory also hinted at the necessity of examining the state of Polish legal theory scholarship. The reason for selecting such a title for the conference was to raise doubts about the condition of the Polish theory of law, as well as to induce the conference participants to polemicize with one another on this controversial problem. The second area of interest was the issue of the status, tasks and profile of the Polish theory of law viewed as a research discipline. The crisis of the research programme, which was dominant not so long ago, gave rise to questions about the future nature of jurisprudence. The problem outlined above was the point of departure for discussions covering a number of topics. The meeting was dominated by the question in the title. (fragment of text)
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