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Madliak Jozef, Porada Viktor
Niekoľko poznámok k rekodifikáciám trestnoprávnych noriem v Slovenskej republike
A Few Notes On Recodification of Criminal Law in the Slovak Republic
Humanum. Międzynarodowe Studia Społeczno-Humanistyczne, 2009, nr 3 (3), s. 55-68
Humanum. International Social and Humanities Studies
Słowa kluczowe
Prawo, Prawo karne, Kryminalistyka
Law, Criminal Law, Criminology
Republika Słowacka
Slovak Republic
First the authors pay their attention to the issue of recodification of Slovak Criminal Code and Slovak Code of Criminal Procedure. They notice that for the first time was eliminated material element of factual ground of crime ( danger of crime to society) and now there is in the Slovak Republic pure formal conception of crime. The age limit of criminal liability was altered from 15 to 14 years as well. One of the results of the above mentioned contemporary formal conception of crime in the Slovak Republic is expanding of the special part of the Criminal Code, due to precising of factual grounds of crimes. In regard to Code of Criminal Procedure it is important to mention that after the recodification the term "bodies active in criminal proceedings" means merely the prosecutor and the police body. Into the main hearing were incorporated some contradictory elements. It subsequently brought up different opinions on course of main hearing forasmuch as the Code of Criminal Procedure does not determine this process precisely. At the end the authors notice that now, after receiving knowledge about various complications in Slovak criminal procedure it would by appropriate amend criminal law regulation in the Slovak Republic and eliminate known problems.(original abstract)
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