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Tkacova Dana (University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia)
The Privatization of the Commercial Banks in Slovakia, the Situation After Privatisation and the Tendencies in the Dvelopment of Banking
Prace Naukowe / Akademia Ekonomiczna w Katowicach. Finanse w dobie integracji europejskiej, 2004, s. 269-274, tab.
Finance in enlarged European Union
Słowa kluczowe
Integracja gospodarcza państw z UE, Finanse, Prywatyzacja banków, Banki komercyjne, Rozwój bankowości
Economic integration with the EU countries, Finance, Privatization of banks, Commercial banks, Banking development
Unia Europejska (UE)
European Union (EU)
Slovak Republic
In Slovakia universal banks prevail and what cencerns their size they are mainly small. In the highly competitive environment due mainly to the integrational tendencies they will not be able to subsist. It is highly probable that we will register mergers or acquisitions between some domestic banks. Concerning the synergic effect of union these could maintain on the market. Banks which will not become big companies will have to find their place in the fielt of highly specialized banking activities. Banks' clients are changing, too. They are entering the markt with their own business activities. They are very well informed about financial products and services. Before the bank market requires the integration of further activities, as insurance, banking insurance or tax consultation. (fragment of text)
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