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Roszkowska Ewa (University of Bialystok, Poland)
The MACBETH Approach for Evaluation Offers in Ill-Structure Negotiations Problems
Optimum : studia ekonomiczne, 2014, nr 5 (71), s. 69-89, rys., bibliogr. s. 87-89
Słowa kluczowe
Analiza wielokryterialna, Analiza wrażliwości, Negocjacje
Multicriteria analysis, Sensitivity analysis, Negotiations
This work was supported by the grant from Polish National Science Center DEC 2011/03/B/ HS4/03857.
This paper described the main idea of the MACBETH approach and M-MACBETH software to multi-criteria negotiation analysis. The MACBETH is based on the additive value model and requires only qualitative judgments about differences of attractiveness to help a decision maker quantify the relative value of options or criteria. The main goal of this procedure is to support interactive learning about evaluation problems and to provide the recommendations to select and rankordering options/criteria in decision making processes. We proposed to use MACBETH methodology as well M-MACBETH software to support ill-structure negotiation problems, i e. evaluation of negotiation offers in an environment with uncertain, subjective and imprecise information and not precisely defined decision makers preferences. An numerical example showing how M-MACBETH software can be implemented in practice, in order to help a negotiator to define numerical values of options/criteria based on verbal statements and next build a scoring system negotiation offers taking into account different types of issues in negotiation problems is presented. More detail we describe the main key points of M-MACBETH software related to structuring the negotiation model, building value scales for evaluation negotiation packages, weighting negotiation issues and selected elements of sensitivity analyzes. (original abstract)
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