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Вандышева-Ребро Надежда В.
Философско-идеологические особенности современного реализма
Philosophical-Ideological Features of Modern Realism
Prosopon. Europejskie Studia Społeczno-Humanistyczne, 2011, nr 2, s. 111-120
Prosopon. European Humanities and Social Studies
Słowa kluczowe
Filozofia kultury, Poglądy filozoficzne, Historia filozofii, Społeczeństwo socjalistyczne, Postmodernizm
Philosophy of culture, Philosophical thought, History of philosophy, Socialist society, Postmodernism
Realism as one of methods of the philosophical mastering of the world has the protracted history. He is related to the philosophical inheritance not only ancient but also previous it east culture, as concepts «realism» are «realities» - «reality» is demonstrated orientation of researcher on the searches of present in existing. Problematic of realism predominates and in the study of art, where the degree of accordance of the world is probed artistic the world to actual; accordances of the world of images to the world in which and the man of letters and artist search confirmation the appearances. Socialistic realism of epoch modern, especially period of unrestrained in the expression violent reorganization of the world, gravitated to the genre of heroic fresco. Works of writers A. Malyshkin, A. Seraphimovich, A. Veselyi is very models. In the conditions of revolution already it was not to individuality, unique and unique, because enormous the masses of «slivers» and «screws» did history. And their independent action was even encouraged. Realities and socialistic society changed attained the stage of the «developed socialism». On flight this new society which flew to nowhere, distinctly in a domestic literary process «cut» through and voice of writers-postmodernists, well-disposed to individualism and to principle of non-interference in what be going on.(original abstract)
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