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Ahmadi Kambiz (University of Birjand, Iran), Rezaei Majid (University of Birjand, Iran)
On New Aging Classes Based on the Reversed Mean Residual Life Order
Control and Cybernetics, 2013, vol. 42, nr 3, s. 727-737, bibliogr. s. 736-737
Słowa kluczowe
Statystyka matematyczna, Rozkład prawdopodobieństwa, Niezawodność
Mathematical statistics, Probability distributions, Reliability
In this paper, we introduce new concepts of aging for lifetime distributions. The main idea is the comparison between reversed mean residual life of the random variables X and (X - t | X > t), for all t > 0. Firstly, with some examples, we highlight the role of the proposed aging classes in reliability and life testing. Then, we try to find the connection between the new aging classes and other aging classes well-known from the literature. Reliability properties of the new classes are studied. Formally, we derive the preservation property under monotonic transformations. Some Rother characterization and implications are studied. (original abstract)
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