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Józefczyk Jerzy (Wroclaw University of Technology / Wydział Ekonomiki Produkcji), Markowski Michał (Wroclaw University of Technology), Balgabaeva Ljazat (Kazakh Technical University)
Routing Flow-Shop with Buffers and Ready Times - Comparison of Selected Solution Algorithms
Management and Production Engineering Review, 2014, vol. 5, nr 4, s. 26-35, rys., tab., bibliogr. 30 poz.
Słowa kluczowe
Algorytmy, Badania operacyjne, Optymalizacja, Metody heurystyczne, Symulacje komputerowe
Algorithms, Operations research, Optimalization, Heuristics methods, Computing simulation
This article extends the former results concerning the routing flow-shop problem to minimize the makespan on the case with buffers, non-zero ready times and different speeds of machines. The corresponding combinatorial optimization problem is formulated. The exact as well as four heuristic solution algorithms are presented. The branch and bound approach is applied for the former one. The heuristic algorithms employ known constructive idea proposed for the former version of the problem as well as the Tabu Search metaheuristics. Moreover, the improvement procedure is proposed to enhance the quality of both heuristic algorithms. The conducted simulation experiments allow evaluating all algorithms. Firstly, the heuristic algorithms are compared with the exact one for small instances of the problem in terms of the criterion and execution times. Then, for larger instances, the heuristic algorithms are mutually compared. The case study regarding the maintenance of software products, given in the final part of the paper, illustrates the possibility to apply the results for real-world manufacturing systems. (original abstract)
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