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Grundey Dainora (Vilnius University, Lithuania)
Financial Planning for Sales Promotion at Lithuanian Supermarkets
Economics & Sociology, 2010, vol. 3, nr 2, s. 23-34, rys., tab., bibliogr. 21 poz.
Słowa kluczowe
Promocja-mix, Promocja sprzedaży, Supermarkety
Promotion-mix, Selling promotion, Supermarkets
During the economic turndown, the purchasing power of consumers all over the world has considerably dropped, effecting consumer confidence and trust. Supermarkets are applying various mixes of promotional activities to make customers return to the supermarkets, as there are clear signs of their switching to cheaper alternatives of farmers' markets, corner shops and local groceries. Therefore, supermarkets have a tough task to lure their customers back by effective planning activities in sales promotion, especially with inflation getting momentum and increasing prices in Lithuania. The paper investigates the planning process for sales promotion on the theoretical level and on sales promotion activities as performed at major Lithuanian supermarkets in 2010, primary data obtained through the method of observation. (original abstract)
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