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Jarco Jerzy, Tulibacki Witold
Dialog o moralności, etyce i biologii
The Dialogue about Morality, Ethics and Biology
Prace Naukowe Akademii Ekonomicznej we Wrocławiu. Nauki Humanistyczne (7), 2002, nr 937, s. 40-52
Słowa kluczowe
Moralność, Etyka, Biologia, Poglądy filozoficzne
Morality, Ethics, Biology, Philosophical thought
Przedstawiono dialog pomiędzy Jerzym Jarco a Witoldem Tulibackim o moralności, etyce i biologii.

The aim of this dialogue is to prove that the origins of morality may be found and should be looked for in the biological nature of man. In the light of contemporary natural science, there are various determinants of human behaviour within biological nature of man. There is scientific evidence which proves that e.g. hyperpinealism may increase the need for alcohol, and chromosomal anomaly - that is the presence of an extra gender chromosome Y (XYY) in some males may result in excessive aggression and a tendency towards criminal behaviour. Aggression also has a biochemical basis. Having examined the influence of epinephrine and nor - epinephrine on human and animal behaviour it proved that their level in adrenal medulla varies in different individuals and depends on a preference for aggressive attitudes. Social determinants of human behaviour have been widely analysed by philosophers and sociologists. Biological determinants of a moral behaviour are also worth examining. (original abstract)
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