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Stępień Elżbieta (University of Warsaw)
The Impact of International Trade and Foreign Competition on Labour Earnings in Poland
Ekonomia / Uniwersytet Warszawski, 2009, nr 24, s. 39-60, tab., bibliogr. s. 59-60
Słowa kluczowe
Liberalizm handlowy, Inwestycje bezpośrednie, Wynagrodzenie za pracę, Konkurencja międzynarodowa
Trade liberalization, Direct investments, Remuneration for work, International competition
Unia Europejska (UE)
European Union (EU)
This paper investigates the influence of international trade and increasing foreign competition on earnings in Poland. Using disaggregated income data for skilled labour in the years 1999 and 2004, and OLS and IV estimation methods it examines the impact of liberalisation of international trade and foreign direct investment flows between Poland and the European Union. The conducted analysis suggests that increased competition forces domestic firms to raise the salaries of the best educated workers. (original abstract)
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