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Mikulik Jerzy (AGH University of Science and Technology Kraków, Poland), Zajdel Mirosław (AGH University of Science and Technology Kraków, Poland)
Ant Algorithm for AP-N Aimed at Optimization of Complex Systems
Decision Making in Manufacturing and Services, 2010, vol. 4, nr 1/2, s. 29-36, rys., bibliogr. 13 poz.
Słowa kluczowe
Optymalizacja, Algorytmy
Optimalization, Algorithms
Assignment Problem (AP), which is well known combinatorial problem, has been studied extensively in the course of many operational and technical researches. It has been shown to be NP-hard for three or more dimensions and a few non-deterministic methods have been proposed to solve it. This paper pays attention on new heuristic search method for the n-dimensional assignment problem, based on swarm intelligence and comparing results with those obtained by other scientists. It indicates possible direction of solutions of problems and presents a way of behaviour using ant algorithm for multidimensional optimization complex systems. Results of researches in the form of computational simulations outcomes are presented. (original abstract)
Pełny tekst
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