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Kaleta Andrzej (Wrocław University of Economics, Poland), Witek-Crabb Anna (Wrocław University of Economics, Poland)
Participation in the Strategic Management Process and the Expansiveness of the Strategy
Argumenta Oeconomica, 2015, nr 1 (34), s. 61-76, tab., bibliogr. 39 poz.
Słowa kluczowe
Zarządzanie strategiczne, Zatrudnienie
Strategic management, Employment
The aim of the research was to examine the relationship between two phenomena present in strategic management: employee participation in the strategic management process and strategy expansiveness. Major research questions to which answers were sought regarded the correlation between the level of employee participation in the strategic management process and the type of selected strategy, and the relationship between participation and various manifestations of strategy expansiveness: innovativeness, risk appetite, ambition, and clarity of vision. The study also sought the relationship between the two variables and the ability to create competitive advantage by companies. The research conducted on a sample of 150 Polish enterprises showed a significant positive correlation between the level of participation and the degree of strategy expansiveness. Participation also correlated with innovativeness, ambition and clarity of vision and was independent from the riskiness of the strategy. Both employee participation and the strategy expansiveness correlated with the ability to create a competitive advantage.(original abstract)
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  38. Received: January 2013, revised: July 2014
  39. Acknowledgements: The study is part of research project No. N N115 402240 financed from the funds of the National Centre of Science.
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