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Slechtova Jarmila (School of Business Administration in Karvina)
The Insurance of Catastrophic Risk in the Czech Republic
Scientific Publications / University of Economics in Katowice. The insurance of catastrophic risk in the European Union and the global changes, 2007, s. 29-38
Słowa kluczowe
Katastrofa ekologiczna, Ubezpieczenia od klęsk żywiołowych
Ecological disaster, Natural disasters insurance
Czech Republic
Problems of the world insurance and reinsurance market kept away from Czech insurance companies for a long time. Their technical reserves decreased neither due to new economy nor to consequent collapse of world stock exchanges. Insurance companies invest mainly to state securities and fund vouchers, and therefore they managed to collect interesting yields in the last years. They did not suffer from the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centrum in the year 2001 and even floods did not throw them over in the year 2002. Nevertheless Czech insurance companies have tough times ahead due to the change of reinsures' behaviour without which no insurer can manage. The volume of technical reserves of insurance companies in the Czech Republic has been rising satisfactorily, that is mainly since the year 2001 thanks to life insurance. The state motivated citizens for a higher interest in this kind of insurance by discount from income tax and thus it presented that it sees in the pension system a part of a voluntary pillar of the pension system. Insurance companies took artfully advantage of it and devoted life insurance promotion and sale extraordinary attention. Life insurance had an important share on the growth on the specified insurance, even though, however, its share on the specified insurance of general insurance remains opposite than it is in the developed countries, where it reaches 2/3 with the life insurance compared to 1/3 of the general insurance. At the same time even life insurance relates to catastrophic risks, because as we know general catastrophes cause immense losses both on the health of people and lives directly. (fragment of text)
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