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Sanders Richard (University College, Northampton, United Kingdom)
Catastrophe Modelling for Insurance Purposes in Europe
Scientific Publications / University of Economics in Katowice. The insurance of catastrophic risk in the European Union and the global changes, 2007, s. 39-54
Słowa kluczowe
Katastrofa ekologiczna, Ubezpieczenia od klęsk żywiołowych, Teoria katastrof
Ecological disaster, Natural disasters insurance, Theory of catastrophes
Europe is a risk from many different catastrophes and from many individual events. Availability of insurance varies by territory and peril. Similarly, the availability of models differs by territory and peril, although not always matching the insurance or the peril. Despite the warnings about uncertainty, the questions of model accuracy and the problems of obtaining data, catastrophe models for insurers are useful. They are much more than "better than nothing", and provide an indispensable part of the process of insurance and reinsurance. Catastrophe models are one of the tools which the insurance industry uses to ensure that when natural catastrophes do happen, the wider community will have funds available to assist recovery. (...) Catastrophe models are currently available for many territories and hazards in Europe, and there are plans to widen this coverage in the near future. There are currently no commercially models available for Poland, although the intensity of recent flood events and the development of the insurance market make this situation anomalous. Effective commercial models need to be developed rapidly for the benefit of the insurance business and potentially the advantage of the wider community. (fragment of text)
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