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Dvořák Martin (Director of DSCGQAA)
Defence Standardization, Codification and GQA as a Support for Logistics
Gospodarka Materiałowa i Logistyka, 2015, nr 5 (CD), s. 127-134, rys.
Słowa kluczowe
Logistyka, Normalizacja, Standaryzacja
Logistics, Normalization, Standardization
Artykuł dostępny na płycie CD
Czech Republic
The specifics of the Czech system is the fact that the Authority performs its role not only for the Ministry of Defence and the MoDs of other states, but also for other state offices of the Czech Republic, dealing not only with the defence but also with the state security (for example the Home Office, Customs Office, the Prison Service etc.). In this lecture there would be described not only the processes dealt by the Authority in accordance with the acts and STANAGs, but it will also be focused on the part of activities realized beyond the above mentioned documents. The lecture is dedicated to those activities and linkages which our Authority solves to ensure maximally seamless support to the logistical processes. And also the cooperation with the University of Defence will be shortly mentioned in this lecture. In the frame of the MoD processes the Authority is involved in the scope of the whole lifecycle of products, from the concept and research through the development, testing, production, repairs, GQA, operation and eventually the ecological disposal too. (fragment of text)
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